The sun shines for everyone, but some people obtain more benefit from it than others.

Ecotiv develops a tailor-made solution for you too.

Connecting your comfort to an immediate income.
That is exactly what everyone wants, isn’t it?
Ecotiv develops innovative solutions to use solar energy creatively and efficiently.

The SolarCarPort is a unique and stylish method of generating energy while it also creates shade. An ingenious solution for authorities, organisations, companies, and private individuals.

A win-win-win system on the basis of a combination of high tech and design, which not only benefits the environment, but also you and the local community. Moreover, you are helping to build a beautiful, sustainable future, hand in hand with enhancing your reputation.


Green bonus

Ecotiv develops practical solutions, such as the SolarCarPort, and ideas that make maximum use of the benefits of renewable green energy:
in the areas of environment, social commitment and financial gain.
The green bonus provides benefits for everyone.