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Wheat Field

From soil to turn-key housing

Ecotiv is an eco-responsible company that supports, develops and designs projects with a bio-based and CO2-free perspective.
Our professional team executes your ideas until the finished result.


Bio-based Building

Ecotiv is a pioneer in bio-based housing, and created with its partners a quality building concept that sets the highest standards in this field. Our bio-based insulation is the cornerstone for a healthy indoor environment that breathes naturally.

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Bio-based insulation

The heart of our bio-based building concept is based on natural insulation materials, such as hemp-lime and organic fiber. These insulation materials have a very high inertia value and keep the living spaces cool in the summer and warm in the winter, with a very low energy usage. Other benefits are: fire-proof, vapor open and high acoustic reduction and controls the inside humidity without technical support. The use of bio-based insulation avoids airco systems and big ventilation units, which keep the energy request under control.


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CO2-free heating

Ecotiv has a tailor made technical solution menu for our bio-based low energy houses, supported by renewables. One example is long wave IR heating powered by PV and batteries. Another is a hybrid system (with cooling) based on a small heating pump and Jaga Ventilo convectors, with IR support. 

IR Heater Bathroom.jpg

Renewable Energy

Ecotiv uses renewable energy techniques to support all needs for its bio-based buildings, with the best materials and long warranty protection. Our active houses have a very small consumption profile, which creates small energy bills. In cooperation with its partners Ecotiv develops multi MW energy farms for residential areas or industrial needs.



Ecotiv supports the engineering for the bio-based building solutions and converts the architectural designs into prefab modules, ready to build quick and dry. Our team is also capable to provide stability calculations, soil investigations and technical implementations (heating, cooling and domestic hot water).


Soil improver

Ecotiv supports and promotes one of the best bio-organic soil improver products on the market: Agrovit. This bio-based product has already proven itself over more than 30 years and we believe that healthy soil goes hand in hand with healthy houses and that is why partners like these are important for us.


Solar Carport Systems

Ecotiv solar carports are made with water tight roofs, without substructure.

Ecotiv has standard solutions, but can also develop carports for designers.

All our standard solar carport solutions can be made in cascade, and are a good solution for housing projects as well as industrial and private solutions.

Cluster systems are recommendable to avoid extra costs, and can be used as a charging system for e-mobility and energy storage.

Solar Carport sirius_scooters.jpg

Contact Us

Liebaardstraat 123

8792 Desselgem, Belgium


Offices: Waregem (BE) - Zagreb (HR) - Ljubljana (SI) - Lisbon (PT) - Vigo (ES)

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