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Infrared Heating Systems

Thermostat controlled

Infrared light is part of the invisible light spectrum and has several subcategories. It refers to a natural form of heat transfer that we come into contact with every day through sunlight.

In addition to pleasant comfort, this radiant heat also has a positive effect on health.

IR heating systems work optimally with our low-energy homes, where they are a quality solution (up to 15 years warranty), that also saves installation costs.

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Next to the low installation cost , the operating cost is also a lot lower than the most common systems.

Together with a PV installation and an energy-reducing thermostat, this is the best solution to keep your energy costs under control.

IR heating is also a good solution for renovations and in existing buildings. It is very easy to install, with limited input.


IR Sunlife

The IR SUNLIFE is a white basic panel, with a 15-year warranty, which has already proven its worth in many homes. It is suitable for homes, apartments, offices and meeting rooms, etc…
Can be mounted on walls and ceilings and available from 300W in size 600x600


Sunlife Specifications.png
Sunlife Infrared Panel

IR Glass and Mirror

IR GLASS and MIRROR panels are a solution for bathroom or kitchen heating and can also be equipped with a towel dryer. These panels even fit into the better design spaces and can even be custom ordered up to 2400x1200mm.
The IR GLASS panels are available in white, red, black and green.


Sunlife Glass Specifications.png
Sunlife Glass 1.png

The IR MIRROR panels provide a vapor-free mirror that can heat the bathroom completely in a pleasant way. IR heating does not directly heat up the air, but gives you the radiant heat that penetrates under the skin and is very healthy for the blood circulation and the muscles.


Sunlife Mirror Specifications.png
Sunlife Mirror 1.png

IR Sun Thermostat

The IR SUN thermostat is specially designed to control IR panels and has the ability to reduce the required power if a little less is possible. This allows your IR installation to save another 30%, in addition to the already very economical operation of IR panels themselves.

The IR SUN thermostat can also be connected to the smartphone to have the possibility to control the installation from a distance.


IR Sun Thermostat


IR DESIGN solutions for living room and retail spaces.

IR is no longer a boring solution for providing rooms with a portion of healthy radiant heat. More and more, IR is also used as an “eye-catcher” that combines practicality and design.

With Ecotiv we work directly in the production of the IR panels, so that a "Tailor-made" solution can also be found for specific rooms.


Design Pipewave.png
Design Diskus.png



Design Rondo.png
Design Tower.png


Interested in IR solutions?

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